Hidden Easter eggs in the latest Game of Thrones Trailer

The latest trailer that HBO dropped for Game of Thrones is called ‘AfterMath’ and things don’t look so good for the living of Westeros.
Winterfell is in ruins. It is blanketed in snow and there is not a single living soul to be seen nor a sound to be heard except for the wind.
In the ruins are scattered objects belonging to our heroes which suggests that things did not end so well for our beloved characters. There is Bran’s crushed wheelchair, Arya’s needle, John’s longclaw, Jamie’s metal hand. What does this mean? Fans have been breaking the internet by speculating how things might end. Will there be an epic battle at Winterfell? All signs point to this; however, is this going to be the final battle? Reports indicate that this will not be the case. We understand that this battle is going to be in the middle of the season and it is rumored to be the longest battle ever on film. So it seems quite likely that the dead will win this one but will they win the war? One thing is for sure is we will lose some of our much lover GoT characters through this season.
We cannot wait till the series releases on April 14 but we sure hope that the fate of Westeros is not hinged on Cersei – a scene in the last trailer with her standing next to a scared looking Qybrn might foreshadow that the dead are coming south having won at Winterfell. Only a week to go before we find out.

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