How stress affects your weight loss goals

Stress can lead to acute weight loss in some people, while in others, it can lead to weight gain. Worry of any sort be it financial crisis, loss of a loved one, feeling heart-broken all lead weight loss or gain. Paying attention to anxiety signs and symptoms is necessary. But how does this exactly happen?

Your body starts responding to the anxiety level

The anxiety level rises, the brain sends a message with a number of stress hormones and the body is put into the ‘flight or fight’ mode. Once this happens, your body makes use of the energy quickly. Once that is over, it asks for more. When nothing is available, it starts using the resources left in the body causing you to lose weight. On the other end of the spectrum, as your body is under the assumption that more energy will be required, it causes you to binge eat and stores all the food for the anticipated trauma. This leads to sudden weight gain.

Fluctuation in hormone levels

As your body is under major stress, it cause sudden spikes and dips in your hormone levels. This results in extreme reactions from your body to remedy the situation. Irregular sleep patterns, lack of energy, unwillingness to perform daily functions, decrease in serotonin levels, irregular blood flow to various organs etc. occur, thus disrupting your weight loss goals.

While relating to stress, the body moves into the hyper stimulated mode

This mode asks your brain to do something about the stressful situation. Your body gets its energy and starts searching for a solution. As a result, the body is prone to digestive problems. This in turn becomes a cyclic reaction. Stress to digestive problems to eating less or binge eating which worsens the digestive issues.

Sleep deprivation

Stress causes sleep deprivation making the body to remain at work all the time. Instead of resting and processing the food and releasing tension, your body is at work. This causes your body to burn more resources on some days and fewer on other days, throwing your weight loss goals out of sync.

Lack of appetite and Binge eating

With stress and depression, there is something that you suffer from. This is lack of appetite. In the state of depression, nothing seems favorable. Even food is unlikeable. This causes your body to conserve anything that you eat and slows down your metabolism drastically.

There is direct relationship between stress and weight loss creating other health issues too. There are various ways to take charge of your body and diet. Check out our collection of healthy recipes. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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