How To Avail Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and Zee5 Subscription For Free?

OTT Platforms

The new year has arrived and with this year, you would want to spend some time worrying less and having more fun. Also, the last year has taught us the importance of having OTT platforms. So here’s a list of how you can get Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney+Hotstar and Zee5 subscription for free.

How to Get Netflix For Free?

Netflix has earned more than 195 million paid subscribers amidst the pandemic. Their success rate in 2020 is no joke, many telecom companies have partnered with Netflix, especially during the pandemic to avail FREE primary access to the streaming-platform.

The following table enlists the different telecoms availing free access to Netflix with respect to specific guidelines:

Telecom Plan CostFree-access time-period  
VI (Vodafone Idea)Subscribing to the VI Redx-plan- worth 1099 will avail a year’s Netflix worth Rs.5988 free. Monthly plan charges can be upgraded to the higher quality provided that the additional cost will be deducted from the credit given by VI.1 year
AirtelAirtel postpaid & broadband users of Rs.499 plan or above & Rs.1099 or above respectively can avail of free Netflix worth Rs.1500 for 3 months.3 months
JioAll postpaid plans under jio come with a free Netflix subscription. Although the subscriptions contain the most basic plan worth 199/month accessible only on a mobile.monthly basis

How to Get Amazon Prime For Free?

If you are a regional streamer and into many domestic & amazon original shows, then Amazon Prime is the right stop for you.

Like with Netflix, telecom businesses have partnered with amazon prime to provide free access to the platform on the purchase of specific plans provided by the companies.

Telecom Plan Cost Free-access time-period
VI(Vodafone Idea)All postpaid plans provide free access to AP and 1 prepaid plan of Rs.349 offers the same free access to AP too.postpaid plans- 1 year, prepaid- 28 days
AirtelAll postpaid plans from Rs.499 & above and 1 prepaid plan costing Rs.349 offers free access to AP.postpaid- 1 year, prepaid 28days
Jio All postpaid plans offer free access to all Amazon prime benefits. 1 year.

How to Get Disney plus Hotstar For Free?

Are you looking for an online platform to stream live episodes, sports, and news with an added bonus of regional & international shows?

Then Disney plus Hotstar is your stop. Providing 2 types of subscriptions VIP & PREMIUM with different benefits, telecom industries have partnered with This platform to avail free access to its VIP subscription.

Telecom Plan CostFree-access time period
VI (Vodafone Idea)VI currently doesn’t have any offers for this. NIL.
AirtelAirtel 401 plan offers 1 year free VIP subscription, the data-only plan worth Rs.400 also offers free access.1 year
Jio Airtel 401 plan offers 1 year free VIP subscription.VIP subscription only 1 year.

How to Get Zee5 For Free?

Old is always gold. If you are a serial addict and love watching regional shows & movies with an occasional spur for English content, Zee5 is your endgame. It has partnered with almost all telecom businesses and promoted free access to its premium/VIP membership.

Telecom Plan cost Free-access time-period
VI(Vodafone Idea)Selected prepaid plans offer free access to Zee5.1 year
AirtelPrepaid users from Rs.149 & above and postpaid & broadband users can avail of free access to this.1 year
JioJioFiber users can avail free subscription to Zee5 premium and stream it online.New JioFiber users on the silver plan- first 3 recharges. Existing silver plan users will be able to access the free service by default.

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