How to increase your computer speed – In just 4 steps

Computer Speed

Generally, every person who uses a computer, and especially the internet surfing, starts to feel that after some time his system is not working at the speed that he used to do before. Sometimes it is due to something wrong with internet connectivity, but often it is due to computer itself.

But for this, computer users often keep circling around with engineers or mechanics, and soon after that the computer starts behaving like that. So come, today we tell you the tricks by which you can keep the speed of your computer, and internet browsing, without going to any engineer.

1. First of all open My Computer, go to C: drive in it, open the folder of Windows, go inside the Temp folder and delete all the files there.

2. After this, access the Users folder present in the C: drive, open your login folder, and find the Appdata folder.

3. You may not be able to see this folder, then for that you will first have to select Change Folder and Search Option from the options at the top of your Windows Explorer, and under it in the View tab, Show Hidden Files, Folders and drives have to be checked. Now press OK, and then open the Appdata folder and empty the Temp folder inside the Local folder, follow this procedure at least once a week, but if the computer is used more, you can increase its frequency.

4. Now open the settings of your browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer), and select Clear Recent History from the options in the Privacy tab. This will definitely improve the speed of your browser, but if you want it to always happen automatically, you can also opt for Never Remember History for this.

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