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Several industries all around the world have been forced to come to a halt, due to the rampant spread of Coronavirus. The consequences this global lockdown will have is something we can only estimate for now, but what can be certainly said is that it is going to be disastrous nonetheless. 

Various industries have taken a bad hit and are currently resorting to cost-cutting to merely sustain. This has led to a lot of people losing their means of livelihood and in the face of growing expenses that does not seem like a good sign. With EMIs and various other loans being a part of one’s consumerist habits, meeting expenses without any money coming in seems to be extremely worrisome. 

However, there are certain industries that are actually doing pretty well, especially during a lockdown. So if you too have been vexed about meeting your growing expenses, here are some industries that might hold an opportunity for you. 

Industries on the upswing currently

  • Food chains: The fear of coronavirus has struck so hard that it has confined people inside their houses. Another inevitable thing that strikes in such a scenario is Hunger. Food chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s are receiving more orders than ever before and this is because of the global lockdown. These food chains have also put out adverts to hire more people as it has become difficult to meet the demands with the taskforce at hand. 
  • Grocery chains: There could nothing more essential than groceries in times like these. When people are compelled to stay inside their houses, grocery delivery chains have it tailor-made for themselves. Various grocery delivery chains are experiencing an increased demand, which they are finding hard to keep up with. In order to satiate their customers and meet their needs on time, grocery chains are hiring more employees so as to have more hands-on deck. 
  • Delivery chains: Services like Amazon have also experienced an increase in demand and therefore are looking to employ over 100,000 workers across the United States of America to meet the increasing demands of customers. There happen to be way more demand for essential products that the pre-existing workforce is unable to keep up with. Dollar General said that approximately 75% of the United States population lives within the 5 miles radius of Dollar General and therefore serves as a great spot to work at. They are putting out 50,000 job offers out there for people. 

Wrapping it up

Things may seem bleak at the moment and taking up a job you are overqualified for may seem underwhelming to most. However, we got to understand that these are trying times and this is precisely when preferences have to be overlooked. After all, what matters is having enough dough to pay those bills.

With so many jobs up for grabs, those living in the United States of America have a sliver of hope to make it through the pandemic without any major financial upheaval.

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