Invisible camera phone by Oneplus

Invisible camera phone by Oneplus

In CES 2020, Oneplus has showcased its top of the line product called “Concept One” and stunned everybody with the innovation. Concept One is equipped with a camera that can go invisible at the will of the user(s). The product is an up-gradation of Oneplus 7 and so far, has not been released in the market. Concept One is a result of the association of Oneplus and McLaren, car manufacturers who came up with the concept of opaque sunroof screen at the command of deriver. Oneplus team is known to invest 18 months in developing this unique product. 

What is Concept One?

Concept One is the top of the line product of Oneplus, which uses the latest technology in phone cameras. The latest innovation solves the problem of the protruding back surface of phones because of the cameras. A Concept One user can choose to reveal or make his phone camera invisible! 

The technology harnesses properties of electrochromic materials, which are used by McLaren cars in their sunroof screen. Concept One has done the unthinkable task of fitting these organic materials in such a small area between lenses. It uses a fill of electrochromic materials between two lenses of 0.1 mm width each while completing the assembly with a width of 0.35 mm only, which is an extremely difficult task. The back-panel camera glass is featured as an ND filter, which is another milestone in mobile photography! 

Association of Oneplus with MacLaren is visible in the color and shape of the product. Concept One has McLaren’s trademark papaya orange color on its back panel and also the shape of the phone appears to be in resemblance with McLaren’s 720S Spider. 

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