IRCTC Refund Rules: Railway Ticket Cancellation Charge and Rail Ticket Refund Rules

IRCTC Refund Rules

If railway tickets are booked online (IRCTC Ticket Booking), the work of canceling them is also done online. There is no facility to cancel any ticket (IRCTC Ticket) at the ticket counter.

The railway connects India. The means of travel of every common and special person in the country is Indian Railways. Today the number of passengers traveling by railway has increased, while the railways have also started online services for providing train tickets. But even today a large number of passengers do not book railway tickets from IRCTC (IRCTC app to book train tickets).

Those railway passengers who book train tickets online have the biggest concern that if they booked a train ticket from IRCTC and canceled later what would they do? Their dilemma is about the rules of railway ticket cancellation and refund.

Most of the people in India travel on a train and to travel on a train, they book railway tickets online. It has been seen that we have to cancel the confirmed ticket of the booked or railway.

Many railway passengers know about how to cancel train tickets online and the rules for ticket refund (IRCTC Ticket Refund Rule) but most people are not aware of it. If you want, you can get the ticket amount back into your account by canceling the online railway ticket yourself.

How to cancel a railway ticket? (IRCTC Ticket Cancel)

If railway tickets are booked online (IRCTC Ticket Booking), the work of canceling them is also done online. There is no facility to cancel a ticket at the ticket counter (IRCTC Ticket Cancel).

To cancel a railway ticket, you will have to visit the IRCTC website. Please tell that you can cancel your ticket till the chart of the passengers of the train is made. It is usually made the night before the train i.e. 12 hours in advance. Once the chart is made, the ticket will not be canceled.

IRCTC Ticket Cancel Process

To cancel a confirmed ticket for a railway, you need to visit the official website of IRCTC Go there and follow the given procedure.

  • You have to login to your account by visiting the IRCTC website.
  • After this, you go to My transactions. And click on Booked Ticket History.
  • After this, select the ticket you have booked, and click on Go For Cancellation.
  • After this, if you have booked many tickets from the same account, then you want to cancel the ticket in whose name.
  • After the ticket is canceled, you will have to take a print of the slip of the new e-reservation.

IRCTC Ticket Refund Rule

When you cancel the ticket, you also get the IRCTC Refund Rule. IRCTC has different rules regarding this. If you cancel the train ticket more than 48 times before the departure time, then the flat cancellation charge will be deducted. This charge is Rs 240 for AC first class / executive class, Rs 200 for AC 2 tier / first class, Rs 180 for AC 3 tier / AC chair car.

Apart from this, there will be a deduction of Rs 120 for the sleeper class and Rs 60 for the second class. There are some other rules for its charge. If you cancel a ticket between the period between 48 hours and 12 hours before, then the charge will be 25% of the fare, less than 12 hours, and 50% charge will be deducted if done till 4 hours before. Apart from this, tickets will not be canceled until 4 hours before the departure time of the train.

Tatkal Ticket Cancel Refund Rule

Railway does not offer any refund on cancellation of Tatkal ticket. However, a refund has been given in view of some situations. If your train is running three hours late from the start of the journey, the train is running on a different route, the passenger does not want to travel on the route, the coach in which the Tatkal ticket has been allotted did not board the train and did not get a seat. Then he can get a refund.

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