Is Flipkart Products Fake or Not? Certain measures to take while shopping on Flipkart


Today we are going to discuss Flipkart as there are some ongoing allegations on the air that Flipkart is selling fake products to its customers. Is that true? People have started trolling Flipkart as Fakekart, Flopkart, Fraudkart, and so on. But the truth is something else and people are not aware of it.

In reality, it has never been Flipkart that was selling fake products, it has always been the sellers who have registered themselves on this platform to sell their products. Flipkart is just a medium that is delivering you the product. Flipkart needs to be pretty strict regarding giving license to sellers. That is why there are certain things that you have to keep in mind while shopping on Flipkart.

First of all, you have to understand what fake products on Flipkart are and why sellers are delivering different products to us. Fake products are those that look exactly the same as the genuine product which you ordered but in reality, they are of low quality or a bad imitation of the original product and sellers try to pass off these products on to you.

The only possibility for doing this can be that either the original product is out of stock from their side or they intentionally want to do fraud to earn extra money by selling you the fake product at the price of the original product that you ordered online. Few customers settle with the fake products maybe because they do not want to get into a replacement process that will consume more days till the original product reaches them.

In the very first place, it is the fault of customers who settle for fake products in order not to step into the exchange process and waste a couple of more days. This inadequate habit of customers is giving these sellers of Flipkart the liberty to sell fake products to us. If it started with us, then we are the ones who can put a full stop right now.

How to check fake products while shopping on Flipkart

There are few things that you need to check before ordering your desired product from Flipkart:

  1. Study the product carefully

It is advisable to study the product before getting excited by viewing fancy images of the product. Do remember that these images can be deceptive, so be careful before placing your order. To get an overall idea of the product, it’s better to read the product description and learn about its material, dimensions, and other necessary details that are required to declare it a genuine product. If the product description doesn’t match with the images, then look for another similar product on the search page.

  1. Discounts that are too good to be true

Pricing has always been a major priority for buying a product. If you find a product way too cheap than other similar products, it’s a sign that it might be a scam. Do not settle fast for that low price product, do some research before finalizing the product because nobody wants to get scammed, right? Before buying the product, check its price with other sellers, to see if you can find any special deal on the same.

  1. Check the product review and seller rating

Going through the product review and seller rating will assure you of the authenticity of the product. Product and seller with great reviews will automatically attract customers to select that particular product while looking to buy products online. It is advisable to always look for Certified Buyer reviews and if the review by a Certified Buyer is positive then the product is genuine.

How does Flipkart address fake products?

Flipkart has taken all the necessary steps to identify and kick out fake products from its website. Indian e-commerce has carried out a strict seller policy that includes background and reference checks. There are a number of steps that sellers have to clear in order to do business with Flipkart. If the sellers meet Flipkart’s demands, then only, they can sell their products on its portal. If sellers are found selling fake products to customers, then they will be immediately blacklisted and all of their products will be de-listed.

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