Keep the sniffles away – 5 tips to avoid the common cold

Thanksgiving is done, and we’re all feeling the chill. Global warming is doing us no favors, and this holiday season may be the coldest of them all. With the holidays also comes bouts of common cold and flu. Here’s a bunch of tips to help you stay hale and hearty throughout the winter.

Keep your hands clean

The fastest way to catch a common cold is by touching objects being used by many and then touching your face. All public property like door handles, subway seats and poles, or the drinking fountain carry a number of bacteria. Washing your hands after using any public property like restrooms, public transport and even objects in the gym. Also make a conscious effort to avoid touching your face too much, to keep the viruses away. Lastly, every time your greet someone with a handshake, be sure to wash your hands or use a bit of sanitizer and give them some too!

Keep up the exercise

Working out is not just for the summer. Working out releases multiple hormones that keep the body in top shape and help you ward off illnesses. It also helps keep your body temperature regulated and you don’t have to rely on heavy blankets to keep yourself warm.

Stay away from anyone who’s already ill

Whether at your workplace or at school, there will always be someone who hasn’t managed to fight off the virus and is coughing and sneezing all over the place. Keep a safe distance from them to be sure that you aren’t infected too. In the spirit of Christmas, don’t forget to be polite about it.

Get a flu shot

A sure-fire way to keep the virus away is to get a precautionary flu shot. With the large possibilities of being infected, the best remedy is to get a shot. Get one early in the season, before it’s too late.

Eat healthy

The benefits of eating healthy go way beyond a tiny waist. Fruit and vegetable juices help flush out the toxins in your body and also boost your immunity. If you are on the verge of catching the common cold, have your juices at room temperature. Also be sure to have fresh, homemade juices and not the store brought variety. The sugar content and preservatives in packaged juices can be counter productive to your efforts at staying healthy and fit. Check out our collection on some super foods that you must introduce in your diet. Including garlic in your food has proven to be a useful antibiotic against the flu.

Like the ideas above? With a little caution and a few measures, you can be sure that your holidays aren’t ruined by a cold or flu. You can also check out our collection of more tips and hacks to stay fit and healthy.

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