Keeping your kids clean

Children are bound to get messy and dirty and maintaining cleanliness with children is indeed a task. Kids are easily impressionable and with a few actions, you can help them develop into responsible clean individuals that do not litter or let others litter. Here are few ways to keep your kids clean.

Make it a habit

Every good action done regularly is a habit. When you practice wiping their noses, washing their hands and asking them to pick up their toys and things on a regular basis, it becomes a habit. Consistency is the key for any habit. Cleanliness can be taught by examples like most other life lessons. Be sure to set the right example with your actions.


Short, repeated, similar instructions regularly help children remember. Form a song on washing hands and keeping clean. Singing songs while brushing their teeth or having a bath or just talking to them, works well most of the time. You do not need military discipline to imbibe the habit of cleanliness. With the right amount of encouragement and checking on their actions regularly, you can keep your kids clean.


Rewards after they have followed your instructions are a must, especially if they have done stuff like cleaning up their rooms or cupboards independently. With kids, rewards are a trigger to form their actions into a habit. You can reward them with an extra hour of playtime if they’ve made their beds, or a some additional time online if they’ve put their plates in the dishwasher after a meal and so on.

Bag and baggage

Carry extra clothes, a towel, a napkin, some disinfectant wipes with you when you travel with your children. Remember it is always worth it to remain prepared in case of emergency. With time, you can assign the smaller items to your kids themselves which will teach them that napkins and wet wipes are a necessary item in their travelling kit.

Fun with cleanliness

Toys in the bathtub, shower songs, making packing toys a game of who-did-it-first or a sorting game, color- coding their things or adding their favorite cartoon into the picture, cleanliness can be fun.

Get them to help

Once you get them to help, they become responsible and alert and it becomes a habit. Choose tasks and rotate them. Give rewards and awards.

Get them dirty too

Yes, you heard it right! Get them dirty sometimes! Have a hand throwing paintball game or a water fight in your backyard on the weekend. Football in the rain or jumping in puddles is fun too! Be sure to clean up with them, right after that. This will make for a fun bonding activity and will also help you keep your kids clean.

These are some ways to get kids to keep clean. Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments section below. If you aren’t a parent yet, but will be one soon, check out these must-know tips for to-be parents.

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