Kerala may allow online sale of liquor

Liquor Sale

Amidst COVID-19 crisis, two alcohol addicts have been reported to commit suicide in Kerala. As per directions of the PM, all shops except those selling essentials like groceries, medicines and medical equipment have been shut down till 15th April. This lockdown has brought a complete ban on alcohol, which addicts are finding very difficult to cope up with. It is a known fact that Alcohol has a painful withdrawal symptom. After the suicide of two addicts in Kerala, the Chief Minister of Kerala is considering the online sale of Alcohol. Both the persons who committed suicide were either young or middle-aged. One of them died by jumping into a river and another consumed shaving lotion. 

The Kerala government has asked excise departments to issue alcohol to those who have a prescription from a doctor. More so, the State is planning to send the addicts with withdrawal symptoms to de-addiction centers. Though the Indian Medical Association (IMA) hasn’t welcomed the move by Kerala Government that liquor may be issued on basis of a doctor’s prescription. IMA says that there is no scientific basis for this, neither can be identified as a disease for which some medicine is required. Alcohol addiction may be a psychological disorder, but certainly, alcohol is not a remedy! 

IMA state president, Dr. Abraham Varghese fears that issuing alcohol prescriptions may even lead to cancellation of the medical practitioner’s license. He suggested that it is better to give scientific treatment to those who are addicted, rather than issuing them alcohol on a doctor’s prescription.

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