Know your PPO using your bank account number

Pension Payment Order

Pension Payment Order (PPO), a number given by EPFO to all retired employees, can now be known using the bank account number linked with pension account. PPO is helpful in communications with EPFO, like raising a grievance. A pensioner may use either PPO number, UAN or the Establishment number for any communication with EPFO. A retired employee receives the details of his PPO, provident fund and disbursement of pensions from EPFO vide a registered letter. In some of the cases, pensioners forget or miss the PPO details, which they can find using their bank account number linked with pension account. 

How to get your PPO number? 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the details as shown on the opening page
  3. Submit the details including your bank account number which is linked with pension
  4. Out of several options on the left side, select “Pension Payment Enquiry”
  5. Also, select “PPO Enquiry” on the left side of the page
  6. PPO details will be displayed on the same page
  7. Also, you can know the Member Id and the type of pension

It is important to ensure that your passbook has your PPO number recorded and is updated. There have been untoward incidences when Banks haven’t recorded PPO number of pensioners, which causes unnecessary delays and trouble. One must also update the PPO number in bank records during the transfer of pension account from one bank or branch of bank to another. The family pension also may get delayed when the PPO number is not readily available.

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