Landslide at Kerala leaves several killed and many more trapped in Idukki.


Rajamalai region of Idukki was hit by a landslide earlier this morning as settlement of tea estate workers got trapped in the event. Rescuers were dispatched on-site and they managed to retrieve at least 15 bodies. They have, however, struggled to rescue around 50 others who are feared to be trapped under the debris in the Idukki region of Kerala. 

The event occurred due to torrential rains which led to a cascading landslide in the area, report officials. 

Local authorities said that the settlements entrapped were essentially tea estate workers. 

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan stated that a team of National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) has been dispatched to the site and rescue efforts are underway. 

Vijayan tweeted, “An NDRF team has been deployed to rescue the landslide victims in Rajamalai, Idukki. Police, Fire force, Forest and Revenue officials have been instructed to join the rescue efforts. Another team of NDRF, based in Thrissur, will soon reach Idukki.”

The landslide occurred due to rains which caused a massive landslide and hit the tea plantation worker’s settlement in Rajamalai, which buried it under slush and rock. 

The Idukki settlement is about 25 km away from the hill resort of Munnar, which has faced its own share of flood damage all the way back in 2018. Many people were fast asleep when the landslide hit and so could not get a chance to escape, said the officials. 

Officials also added that there were at least 84 people indoors when the landslide hit. 

Rescue efforts are still underway as retrievers are tirelessly trying to save all lives entrapped in the landslide

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