Laptops to students of 8th class for online education for Rs 3,500?

PIB Fact Check: According to viral news on social media, MCA Kovid-19 will provide Rs 3,500 laptop to students of 8th to PUC1 under online education purpose.

New Delhi: A news is becoming increasingly viral on social media, claiming that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs i.e. MCA is providing laptops to students for Rs 3,500. According to this viral news, MCA Kovid-19 will provide Rs 3,500 laptop to students from 8th to PUC1 under the online education objective. The truth came to light when the PIB investigated this fake claim. The Press Information Bureau said that this claim is fake.

Is this the truth?
The official Twitter handle of the Government of India, PIB Fact Check, has called this advertisement fake. PIB Fact Check said that MCA Kovid-19 is not providing laptops for online education purpose. In such a situation, it is clear that this news that is going viral on social media is wrong.

In the viral news, it has been claimed that the last date for taking a laptop for Rs 3,500 is 25 September 2020. The laptop will be delivered in 30 days after applying. This laptop will belong to Lava, Lenevo and ATS company. Which will have Windows 10 OS, Intel Atom Processor, 32GB HDD Storage, ATS, 2GB RAM.

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