Lockdown 4.0: Metro and Rail services will be closed, even normal air travel will be stopped, know what else is in the new guideline

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New Delhi / Ranchi: In view of the corona infection, the central government has announced lockdown 4.0. The fourth phase has been implemented till 31 May.

There has also been talk of giving some concessions in this phase starting from Monday. It is also decided that the Central Government will give some concession to the people only in the areas under the Green Zone.

With these concessions, it will be mandatory to fully follow social distancing to prevent corona infection.

Let us tell you that the lockdown was first announced from 25 March to 14 April. This was later extended to 3 May. It was also increased to 17 May. Now the central government has extended the lockdown for the third time.

No concession has been given in these areas

1. All domestic and international air services will be completely closed except domestic air ambulances.

2. Metro rail service will be closed.

3. School colleges will all be closed. Online distance learning courses will continue unchanged.

4. Hotel, restaurant, and hospitality services will be completely closed.

5. Hospitals, policemen, government employees and officers, health workers, and personnel engaged in quarantine facilities are exempted.

6. Canteen of railway stations, airports and bus stands will remain open. The kitchen of the restaurant has been allowed to be open for home delivery.

7. The cinema hall, shopping mall, gym, swimming pool, international park, theater, assembly hall will remain closed.

8. The stadium and sports grounds will be fully open. But visitors will not be allowed here.

9. There will be a ban on social, political, sports, entertainment, religious, cultural events.

10. There will be a ban on people going to religious places.

Concession with restrictions in these areas except Containment Zone

  • Inter-state bus service can be started with mutual consent between two states.
  • Buses can be operated in the state and union territories with the consent of the state government.
  • Persons older than 65 years, pregnant women and children below 10 years will have to stay at home. However, they will be able to get out for compulsory service and health.

Law and order

  • Malls, theaters, school-colleges and religious-social programs will be banned. In such places where there is a possibility of crowd gathering, Section 144 will be applicable.
  • Except the necessary activities, the movement of people will be strictly prohibited from 7 am to 7 am all over the country.
  • More than 50 people will not be able to attend the wedding ceremony and more than 20 people will not be able to attend the cremation ceremony.
  • No more than 5 people can live in a shop.
  • The local administration will decide on opening the shop.

Now states will decide the zone

Red, Green and Orange zones will be announced by the respective states and Union Territory Governments. In the districts of Red and Orange zones, the district administration there will separately determine the Containment Zone and Buffering Zone. For this, the administration has to follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home and Health.

Concession will be given only for compulsory service in Containment Zone. The district administration will take care that no person can enter from outside and inside from outside in this zone.

Exemptions will be given for medical services in these zones. Also, exemption has also been given for compulsory materials. Intensive contact tracing will be done in all the houses of the Containment Zone. Close monitoring will be done by the administration in every house.

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