Love at your fingertips: Relationships in the digital world.

With constant updates, notifications and the pings of the cell phone, relationships today require a lot more than a few decades ago. Let us a have a look at what it takes to maintain and keep relationships strong and solid in the digital age.

  • Be Present

Relationships require presence of the person. Be completely present when you are with your loved ones. Give them the required amount of time. Daily if possible. Hear them out. Talk to them. Just sit quietly. Avoid technology at such times.

  • Plan ahead

Plan the time you will spend in person with your loved ones. Many couples, spouses and parents plan date nights. Yes! You can plan dates with your children. Do it individually. You know what they like and are attracted to. Plan their favorite food, hobby and join them. There are various options hikes, parlor trips, art shows or a cook it together camp.

  • Use technology

Absence can be made up for. You can send small gifts, notes and messages to them just because. It will keep you connected and happy. The reminder that there is someone somewhere in the world that has your back no matter what, can make a relationship really blossom.

  • Handle social networking with care

These are small things which matter a lot in a relationship. You do not have to be on every social networking site to blurt and blast out your personal adventures and stories. Use social media with discretion. Use these networking handles for promoting your work instead of your life. This also gives you the opportunity to share experiences and memories that are known only to you and your loved one. This exclusivity makes the memory all the more special.

  • Enjoy your time together

You do not have to be a great conversationalist or the life of a party or the couple that everyone envies. Just be yourself. If nothing, just try out what your loved ones want to do. You may not get it right. But who said it is about being right and correct? You have a precious life and precious few moments together. Why let people and the social network into the picture?

With a few good habits, and a healthy amount of attention and love, you can not just have a wonderful relationship with your loved ones, but also leverage the technology to build some lasting and beautiful memories. Many relationships have thrived due to the availability of technology and easy access to the same. Long-distance relationships really rely on tech to keep loved ones close. Check out our tips to make a long distance relationship fun.

Do you have experiences or stories to share about how technology has changed your relationships? Let us know in the comments section below. You can also tweet using the hashtag #digitallovewithYBO

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