LPG rate cut up to Rs.65

LPG rate

COVID-19 has a disastrous impact on the global economy. Also, crude prices are lurking at the decade’s lowest value. Brent crude is now selling at $25.88 per barrel and West Texas Intermediate is trading at $20.6 a barrel. The falling prices of crude have impacted the rates of LPG also, which has seen a rate cut up to Rs. 65 in India. 

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) releases a revised rate for crude and LPG at the beginning of every month. The price of LPG has been reduced for the second consecutive month in April 2020. LPG rates have been reduced in light of the decrease in global demand for crude and reduction in the price of crude.

Prices of 14 Kg and 19 Kg LPG cylinders in various states are as below:

14 Kg LPG cylinders will sell at:

  • Rs. 744 in Delhi, erstwhile was selling at Rs. 805.5
  • Rs.774.5 in Kolkata, erstwhile 14 Kg cylinders were selling at Rs. 839.5
  • Rs.714.5 in Mumbai, erstwhile 14 kg cylinders were selling at Rs. 776.5
  • Rs.761.5 in Chennai, erstwhile 14 Kg cylinders were selling at Rs. 826

Whereas 19 Kg LPG cylinders will sell at:

  • Rs. 1,285.5 in Delhi
  • Rs. 1,348.5 in Kolkata
  • Rs. 1,234.5 in Mumbai
  • Rs. 1,402 in Chennai

It is noteworthy that prices of 14.2 Kg LPG cylinders were increased by Rs. 150 in February and were reduced by Rs. 53 in March. Though the crude prices have come down globally, prices of petrol and diesel haven’t seen much reduction in India.

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