Maharashtra Government initiates vaccination-drive planning, aims full vaccination in six months


The Maharashtra government has already initiated planning for it’s COVID-19 vaccination drive. The state is aiming to vaccinate it’s 3.25 crore citizens within a span of six months. The vaccination drive will be conducted in three phases. In the initial phase of vaccination, health-care workers, Corona-Warriors, citizens above 50 years of age and people suffering from other diseases will be considered. However, it is unclear whether the vaccines will be free of cost or citizens will have to pay for it.

The vaccination drive will be conducted in a systematic order. Citizens will have to register themselves on a designated web portal and they will be requested to reach at the vaccination camp at a specific date and time to ensure smooth drive of the campaign. 

On a prior basis, the health-care workers and Corona-Warriors of the state will be vaccinated. In the second phase, the frontline workers (including police, fire brigade, conservancy staff etc.) will be vaccinated. In the third phase, citizens over 50 years of age suffering from other diseases will be vaccinated. A senior official of the state health department said that the registration of health-care workers has already started.

Following the instructions of the central government, the state has started the preparations for the vaccination campaign, assuming that the vaccine will be available from January. The campaign will be carried-out in district hospitals, rural hospitals and primary health centers. A team of four to five people will execute the vaccination drive and their training program has also initiated.

After registration, citizens will receive text messages for further communication. Citizens will have to appear at the vaccination camp along with their valid identity card at a specific date and time. After a successful vaccination, the person will be kept under observation for at least half an hour. The vaccinated person will be allowed to go only if no complications are observed.

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