Major European countries open up restaurants, cafes as they aim for a return to normalcy.


After being shut for over two months, Italian restaurants and churches opened up to the masses on Monday morning. Greece also welcomed its visitors back to the Acropolis and Spain opened up for tourists to return in summer as these major European nations aim to ease lockdowns. 

People got to glimpse back into normalcy as they got to sip their freshly made cappuccinos and espressos from their favorite restaurants, without disregarding social distancing norms. This effort by European nations was summed up as an effort undertaken with “calculated risk” according to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. 

Countries all around the world have faced massive economic backlashes with industries coming to a sudden standstill. Economies suffer in the lack of functional industries and there are several nations around the world that stand on the brink of inevitable recession. 

While governments contemplate on the impact of easing down lockdowns, the coronavirus cases tend to increase exponentially nonetheless. Tourism is projected to be a major contributor to this exponential increase but governments are looking to conduct tourism in a controlled manner. 

The reported global tally of coronavirus cases has gone over 4.71 million and roughly around 312,826 patients are said to have succumbed to the viral attack, according to a Reuters tally. Italy has been recording the third-highest death toll which stands right below the United States and Britain. 

Countries all around the world are now looking at returning to normalcy as further harm to the economy would render national economies beyond repair. With streamlined efforts in place, it is now to be seen how eased up lockdowns help

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