Make your long-distance relationship fun

  1. Communication – Communication is the key to make any kind of relationship work. But in a long-distance relationship, it is all the more important to be able to communicate well with your partner. You need to tell them about your feelings, everyday happenings, needs, desires, insecurities, personal problems, doubts, suspicions etc. As much as you’d like it, your partner is not a mind reader, hence maintaining complete transparency from your end is important.
  2. Don’t isolate yourself – Make sure you enjoy alone time or time with family and friends and also encourage and let your partner do the same. While it is easy to get caught up in a cycle wherein you wait the entire day for your partner’s call, isolating yourself will keep you away from new experiences. Branching out, keeping active and doing things that you love when you can’t hang-out with your partner is a big step towards keeping yourself emotionally healthy.
  3. Make plans together – Making decisions and plans together will give you and your partner something to look forward to. Avoid blow-by-blow planning of future events as it might lead way to major drama, but talking about the next time you will meet, when you will finally close the distance gap, move in together, marriage or other major plans etc can go a long way in keeping you both positive. Meanwhile, always remember that in a healthy, equal relationship both partners should feel that their opinion is valuable and carries weight and that they have played an active part in planning the next steps of a long-distance relationship.
  4. Be creative and keep it fun – Make up for what you’re lacking in physical proximity with creativity. Plan to have fun dates, leave love notes in unexpected places when you visit, or leave them voice messages that they can listen to whenever they want. Make the long-distance relationship fun in ways that you couldn’t if you were together. If you do this, you won’t miss the physical aspect of being together quite so badly or at least you can distract yourselves from it.
  5. Talk about and be grateful for the little things – Talking about the little things is a great way to remind yourself and your partner that regardless of the distance separating you two, there is still so much to be happy and grateful about in the present. This is especially crucial when the going gets tough.
  6. Respect each other’s boundaries – You need to get to know your partner’s boundaries (what they deem acceptable and unacceptable in a relationship) and tell them yours. By knowing and respecting each other’s boundaries, you build trust and respect in your relationship while making sure that their happiness is not compromised with.
  7. Send each other little things every once in a while – Sending your partner little things every now and then is a wonderful way to show them that you care for them and are always thinking about them. It will go a long way in making them happy. It is especially recommended to send them something they can hold on to, which will remind them of you, which shows them that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes or that you remember important dates in your relationship. Find some amazing gift ideas specifically for couples in long-distance relationships here.
  8. Remember that your partner is but human – All humans sometimes make mistakes and you have to understand that your partner might make some mistakes too. Always be willing to step back, take a deep breath and evaluate any bad situation fairly. Do keep in mind that sometimes, small issues are not worth losing your partner over. Instead, it provides a great opportunity to rebuild your relationship stronger than it was before.
  9. Remain positive – Staying positive about your relationship and your plans together is going to help you a lot in your long-distance relationship. Keep looking forward and realistically reshaping your goals no matter what obstacles you face. If the love is true, no mountain is too high to scale.
  10. Really appreciate what you have – No matter what, always remember that at the end of the day you have someone who loves you and is waiting for you and the time when you can both be together again. Distance is hard yes and it’s easy to dwell on that fact, but don’t forget to appreciate that special person who loves you enough to deal with all of the inconvenience of a relationship like this one.Need more ideas? Check out this wonderful list of 105 Long Distance Relationship Activities.


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