May 15 is the deadline for users to accept the new privacy policy: WhatsApp

WhatsApp Privacy Policy

WhatsApp has been under criticism for its privacy policy since the beginning of this year. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was supposed to come into effect from February 8 but the Facebook-owned app deferred this privacy policy for three months due to the immense controversy. However, the new privacy policy is set to come into force from May 15, 2021. WhatsApp is continuously notifying its users regarding the new privacy policy.

The notification reads that one has to compulsorily accept this new privacy policy for availing of its services in future. If one doesn’t accept this new privacy policy, he/she will not be able to send/receive messages and his/her WhatsApp account will be deleted after 120 days. To accept the terms, the company will continue to put on notifications every day until May 15.

There had been a lot of opposition to these new terms in India and interestingly, WhatsApp has the most number of active accounts from India. The majority of the users are furious with this new policy which will enable WhatsApp to share user’s data with its parent company, Facebook. However, WhatsApp has claimed that this policy update doesn’t risk the user’s data. As per the company, the update is linked only to improve the business accounts’ user experience.

Notably, this new policy is not being implemented in Europe, as the continent follows unique laws regarding user’s data. Let us inform you that WhatsApp already shares various information with Facebook, such as the IP address of its users. It also pre-shares information about purchasing/buying of products through the platform.

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