McDonald’s Happy Meal is just a Whatsapp Away!


The good news we didn’t know we needed, McDonald’s is now just a text away. It has reduced all the distance between your cravings and it’s the delicious menu.

Whether it’s its famous chicken McGrill, or to tame your burger craving when you don’t have enough money. McDonald’s is ready to deal with all the burger blues by bringing McD on Whatsapp.

Now it gets easier to get your McDonalds craving fulfilled by just a text away. Yes, you read it right. Your McDonald’s is just a text away. So grab your phone and we will tell you how to order from your WhatsApp.

McDonald’s India came bearing good news even before Christmas. Now they are available on Whatsapp to take orders through a text. All you need to do on their official Indian number text them on +919953916666.

Here is what you need to do, to get your favorite nuggets, burgers, and fries:

Text them on this number “hi” on +919953916666. They’ll reply with a menu. Choose the items you want to order from the menu sent to you. After that, they’ll ask for the necessary details. Once your order gets confirmed they’ll inform you. An invoice will be generated on WhatsApp itself about your order.

Pay and have the delicious nuggets, fries, and burgers just a text away.

This service is currently available in Delhi/NCR only.

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