Ministry of Road Transport & Highways working on real-time accident relief technology

Road Accident

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is promoting several kinds of research on an important technology that will automatically inform the nearest police authorities and ambulances at the time of a road accident. The objective behind developing this technique is to provide immediate treatment to the injured involved in the road accident. In this arrangement, the alerted ambulance will be equipped with GPS technology. For the development of this technology, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is working with leading technical institutes of the country.

The Ministry is presently working on modern techniques to prevent road accidents. For this purpose, the Ministry is planning to rope in some of the prestigious engineering institutes like NITs and IITs. Ministry Secretary Giridhar Arman said that the authority is working to develop an emergency response mechanism for enhanced road safety. As part of this process, ambulances, hospitals, and police control rooms will be linked together. This process will make sure that immediate treatment is provided to the injured people. The development of this technology will also help in relief work.

Giridhar Arman further added that real-time information will be received as soon as the accident transpires. Apart from this, some schemes for cashless-treatment for the victims of road accidents will be launched soon.  On this matter, negotiations are going on with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Furthermore, the Ministry is also working on the Integrated Road Accidents Project to reduce road accidents.

Let us inform you that after the implementation of stringent amendments made in the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act in September 2019, there has been a slight decrease in the number of road accidents within the country. The Ministry understands that the number of road accidents has dipped due to strict adherence to the new traffic rules. However, India is still included in the list of most road accident-prone countries in the world. Let us hope that these new policies will work out!

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