National emergency in the USA

National Emergency in USA

The US is in state of national emergency now! The total number of COVID-19 infected individuals in the US has risen to 1300 and the death toll has reached 33, as per reports by Federal officials. Dismayed over the lack of test kits and testing facilities, US President Donald Trump has increased pressure on US public health authorities. Also, the president has declared a fund of $50 billion for countering the deadly virus. Most of the funds will be invested in developing test kits and equipping the hospitals for treating COVID-19 infected Americans. Trump has vowed to ramp up the testing capacities.

Donald Trump in a statement said that he will divert the full power of the Federal Government on countering the deadly Coronavirus attack. Confirming his commitment to fighting the infamous virus, he has declared a state of national emergency in the USA. Further, he emphasized that the next eight weeks are going to be critical, where strategies will be evaluated, and course correction mechanism will be put in place. 

Trump has called upon all states and private players to set up emergency operation centers. It is planned to set up testing facilities at all possible locations, to facilitate US citizens. Hospitals have been asked to augment capacities by hiring new staffs, also telemedicine facilities are being permitted in the state of emergency.

$1.3 m have been invested in labs like DiaSorin Molecular of California and QIAGEN of Maryland to develop faster testing technologies. These labs will be returning test results within an hour. The Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche has been given a task to develop a faster and quicker Coronavirus test kit. 

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