New features on WhatsApp

Feature on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has grown more than a texting platform and has extended its uses to business and communications which are more important. Other than privacy and security issues, WhatsApp also strives to control rumor-mongering and the spread of fake news. Security and software updates are frequent with WhatsApp and keeping up the legacy it has come up with few more new features. These new features announced by the platform are concerned with its branding, user privacy, and control of fake news. 

What are the latest features of WhatsApp?

Branding feature

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014, but so far, we haven’t seen signs of the presence of Facebook on WhatsApp. As one of the latest features, now WhatsApp has been rebranded as “WhatsApp from Facebook”. You can find this branding in WhatsApp ? settings page, at the bottom you will see the rebranding by Facebook. 

Privacy and security feature

WhatsApp has come up with two new features under the privacy category. Now you have an option of hiding WhatsApp notifications, which erstwhile used to flash on the screen. This can be controlled with the latest update. 

Secondly, the much-needed fingerprint security feature has been included in the latest update. Fingerprint security gives you three options, as explained below:

  • The App will lock just after you stop using the App
  • The App will lock after 1 minute of inactivity
  • The App will lock after 30 mins of inactivity

Fake news and voice note controlling feature

There were recent unfortunate cases of public unrest and lynching related to fake news circulating on WhatsApp, which was a major concern. The latest update has controlled this threat by adding a tag of “frequently forwarded” on information that has been circulating widely on WhatsApp. Seeing the frequently forwarded tag, one can be doubtful of the information, it could be fake! 

Further, the latest update also takes care of the annoying bulk voice notes, which needed the user to open every message individually. The latest update now automatically plays the voice note once you click the first note, it saves you from repetitive clicking.

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