New Technologies in 2021 Will Be Innovative And Virus Friendly Too


Pandemic gave birth to numerous other innovations. Many believed that it will be rough for new technologies in 2021 too but the reverse happened and some cheeky marketers found new ways for capitalization.

Samsung recently announced that soon it will be launching a series of its new forthcoming Galaxy smartphones with improved cameras to enhance video recording/calling. The same is expected from the laptop making company’s so that users won’t have to face blurry and crappy low-resolution webcams anymore as video calling/conferencing are highly in demand. The camera wasn’t the only thing that boosted innovation this year.

Who could have imagined that we will be wearing face masks which offer built-in-features like Bluetooth and microphones? Yes, we are not cooking something by ourselves, it’s a reality. A company by the name of ‘Maskfone’ has struck its new business model at the right time where wearing a mask is a necessity.

Now we do not have to remove our masks every time in public to deliver a clear voice, that problem has been taken care of by Maskfone. MASKFONE features replaceable PM2.5 and N95/FFP2 filters, a built-in microphone, and earphones, reducing the need to remove your mask in public. MASKFONE was designed to help reduce the need to adjust or remove your face mask to speak on a mobile phone.

We have seen room air purifiers and nowadays each home consists of at least one because of the pandemic. But have you ever heard of wearable air purifiers? It was quite a surprise, isn’t it? But LG has introduced a fan-powered wear air purifier this year which allows you to breathe fresh air easily by filtering out 99% harmful particles with the help of HEPA filters. Now breathe without breaking a sweat. The Respiratory Sensor detects the breathing cycle and volume of the wearer’s breath, whereas DUAL Fans adjust the dual three-speed fans accordingly.

Maintaining social distancing wasn’t difficult at the time of lockdown but now it feels like people do not fear COVID-19 anymore. Everywhere you go, you cannot keep yourself safe as this country is densely populated and you can barely get a spot to stand alone by maintaining some distance. But, do not worry we have looked for a solution to this problem too. You might start your new year by staying more alert and protective because ‘SimpliSafe’ has brought a social-distancing sweater that sounds an alarm when someone comes within a 6-feet radius of you. The fun fact about this product is that it was sold out immediately on the day of its launch.

We guess these are extremely innovative technologies that did not let science down, in fact, these innovations brought a new era of technology even though many people are still working from home. New technologies in 2021 will make it clear that humanity is ready to fight and has more tendency to live longer if it can still keep itself safe with the help of technology from even greater threats like viruses other than COVID-19.

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