New Zealand among the first countries to come out of the Lockdown; people crave fast food

New Zealand

After a 33-day long gruesome battle with Coronavirus, New Zealanders finally got to break out of their lockdown. New Zealand emerged from its strict lockdown on Tuesday and businesses were allowed to reopen if they could figure out a way to function contactless. 

Considering the threat of coronavirus relapsing still looms over, socializing just like before still remains to be avoided. The country of over 5 million people tried the scorched-earth approach towards fighting the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern said, “We are not out of the woods.” The country has now ticked down to a level 3 restriction. She further said, “It’s a recovery room of sorts, to assess the incredible work that New Zealanders have done at Level 4 to break the virus’s chain of transmission and prevent further community outbreak has worked.” 

For around a span of 5 weeks now, New Zealanders were required to stay at home unless they were going to essential jobs or to the grocery stores to replenish their resources. The strategy that Ardern called “go hard, go early” seemed to work in their favor. 

Almost 83% of the 1472 infected cases in New Zealand have now recovered while 19 ended up losing their lives, of which two were in their 60s and the rest even older. The toll of people who succumbed to the virus was so small that Ardern has received a phone call with the loss of each life, and this level of micro-management has really turned to be fruitful for New Zealand. 

 As soon as the lockdown was lifted, people rushed to their favorite fast food outlets to gobble down their favorite dishes which they did not get to enjoy during their month-long lockdown. Long queues outside McDonald’s and KFCs were evidence of that fact

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