No good signs lie ahead for over 2 lakh H-1B workers in the US as they could lose their right to be there by June

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Tough times lie ahead for foreign workers working in the US. With the pandemic striking the US hard, many companies are now looking at letting go of employees to maintain company capital. There are various companies across the US currently contemplating some of the hardest decisions, and mostly, as it turns out, are opting to furlough US-born workers and fire those foreign employees whose visas require them to be paid. 

There are as many as 250,000 guest workers seeking a green card in the USA. Out of these, there are roughly about 200,000 of them on H-1B visas. Those on H-1B visas could potentially lose their rights to be in the USA by the end of June, according to Jeremy Neufeld who is an immigration policy analyst in affiliation with the Washington D.C. 

Those who are not actively seeking resident status may also be forced to return home, Neufeld added. 

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs in the last couple of months but those on visas are more vulnerable to this nationwide cost-cutting as opposed to those workers who are native-born. 

In a specific letter sent to the State and Homeland Security departments on April 17, TechNet – which is a lobbying group whose members include Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, came upon a united agreement that calls for relief for foreign-born workers. The letter requested a delay in work authorization expiration dates until September 10. 

The letter stated, “Without action, these issues will lead to hundreds of thousands of unfilled jobs and have profound negative economic effects.”

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