On the occasion of World Environment Day, environmentalists urge to stop mask pollution.

Mask Pollution

The pandemic has affected various parts of our lives and changed the very definition of normalcy. However, there were many reports emerging about nature on a healing streak ever since humans decided to go on lockdown. But has it really been all that great for Mother Nature?

Environmentalists don’t quite agree. 

Ever since the pandemic has struck, there has been a dramatic rise in the usage of face masks. Due to health regulations demanding people to be mask-clad when outdoors, the demand for masks has increased on a global level. 

The problem, however, is the way humans are disposing of those masks. One of humanity’s greatest challenges has been disposing of waste, and these face masks are adding onto that. 

A Delhi-based environmentalist and the Founder of Eco Roots Foundation stated to Hindustan Times, “I’ve been trying to create awareness around the issue of proper disposal of used masks and gloves, amid the pandemic. I see many people littering used masks on the streets and this is a grave issue for the environment and the ecosystem.”

The Right Way to Do It

Stating about how to properly dispose of used face masks, Rakesh Khatri said, “Used masks must be destroyed or disposed of properly. Wash them in an antiseptic liquid, and then put them in a bag; keeping it ideally for 72 hours and then dump it along with the other garbage. 

In light of the COVID pandemic, the world has realized a flaw in a lot of its systems. Hopefully, this pandemic teaches us that while we take care of one crisis, we must not pave way for another

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