PM Modi inaugurates the much-awaited Kosi Rail Mahasetu Bridge, know why it’s important.

Kosi Rail Mahasetu

Before the Legislative Assembly elections in Bihar, which will be held in October-November, PM Modi has unveiled a package of schemes and plans for the Nitish Kumar-led Bihar. On Friday, PM Modi inaugurated the historic Kosi Rail Mahasetu along with 12 passenger-serviced schemes for the state. PM Modi quoted this day as historic in the field of rail connectivity.

● Bridge Of Strategic Importance

Kosi Rail Mega Bridge holding a length of 1.9 kilometres, with construction cost of ₹516 crore was sanctioned in 2003-04 and is of a strategic importance along the border of India and Nepal. With rising tension between the two countries, this bridge marks an important structure for India.

Remarkably, this Kosi Rail Mahasetu bridge shortens the distance between Jaynagar and Samastipur to just a mere 22 kilometers from approximately 300 kilometers on the Indo-Nepal border.

CM Nitish Kumar said the foundation of this historic assignment was laid in the great Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure but the work was halted by the UPA Government, but finally history has been written by PM Modi.

Vice CM of Bihar, Sushil Kumar Modi also highlighted the efforts of the government to provide transport facilities to the migrant workers during the lockdown by running special Shramik trains. He said by running 1371 special trains, around 19,72,000 migrant workers were migrated safely with free-of-cost.

Whereas, PM Modi also took a jab at the opposition saying the they have blinded the innocent farmers by luring Farmer’s Bill but they never want country’s farmer to be self-content and free from loan. They are just proclaim and deceive the innocent farmers.

He also congratulated the farmers and said the Farmer’s Bill will diminish the middlemen who looted the farmer’s most of the hard-earned money.

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