PM Modi inaugurates VAIBHAV (Vaishwik Bharatiya Vaigyanik) summit


As per the Press Information Bureau release, the VAIBHAV (Vaishwik Bharatiya Vaigyanik) summit will be a virtual, global event of researchers, academicians, scientists from all over the world and it will be organized from October 2nd to 31st of October, 2020.

Prime Minister Modi also announced about the inauguration event via Twitter where he wrote that he is looking forward to this summit which will bring the researchers, academicians and scientists together from all around the world.

To strengthen the foundation of academic, Science and Technology base in India for the global development and to debate upon it’s collaboration mechanisms, the summit has been organized. The aim of this grand summit is to bring the Indian academicians and researchers from all around the world on a common, global platform where the ideas and solutions can be discussed and improved through global inputs, which will create a foundation for better and globally compatible solutions.

The press release also stated that the inauguration event will be followed by some deliberation sessions which will also be held through webinars. These sessions include interactions on a multiple level among Indian and overseas experts. These sessions will continue over a month until 31st October, 2020. The summit will see the meetings and interactions of about 3,000 scientists, academicians and researchers of Indian origin form over 55 countries and over 10,000 Indian resided scholars will ne participating in this summit.

Led by the Principal Scientific Advisor of India, about 200 academic institutes and Science & Technology Departments are organizing this summit which will run over the entire month.

Eighty topics covering 18 different areas will be deliberated upon by these scholars which will include about 1500 panelists from 40 countries and 200 leading Indian R&D and academic institutions. There will be more than 200 such deliberation sessions organized in this summit.

The summit which starts on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, will conclude on the occasion of Sardar Patel Jayanti on 31st October. A conclusion session will be held on the ending day of the summit.

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