Prepaid Plans from Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio and More: Get to Know These Exciting Deals

Vodafone Jio Airtel Recharge

Working from home and your mobile data keeps expiring all the time? Here are some amazing prepaid plans from your favorite network service providers to keep you updated with the latest news, trends, movies, and work.

Airtel’s Rs.558 prepaid plan offers up to 3GB data with unlimited calling and 100 SMS/day. This offer will be valid for 56 days.

The Rs.698 plan offers nearly 2GB of data and brings an additional benefit of a 30 day free trial for Amazon Prime Mobile; this offer is only valid for 84 days. 

Unlimited calling and a free trial of 30 days is offered with the Airtel Rs.598 deal; it comes with a 100 SMS/day plan, 1.5 GB data daily, and is valid for 84 days. The same deal is offered under the Airtel Rs.399 deal which is valid for only 56 days. 

The last offers from Airtel are only valid for 28 days as the Rs.249 deal offers 1.5 GB data daily and post data unlimited at 64 kbps along with free Hello Tunes, and the Rs.298 plan offers up to 2 GB data daily with additional benefits of getting free trials for your favorite OTT platforms.

The yearly prepaid plan by Airtel costs Rs.2,498 and offers up to 2GB data, unlimited calling and is valid for an entire year. 

Reliance Jio’s Rs.999 plan offers you 3GB data daily at high speed and is valid only for 84 days. Comes with the benefit of availing of up to 100 SMS/day and unlimited calling. 

The Rs.444 plan offers up to 2GB data daily along with a complimentary subscription to Jio apps, lasting for only 56 days.

The year-long deal introduced by Reliance Jio costs Rs.2,599 and comes with unlimited calling and texting with subscriptions to your favorite OTT platforms. 

Another yearly prepaid plan offers 1.5 GB data and costs Rs.2,121 lasting for only 336 days. The Rs.199 offers 1.5 GB data and comes with a subscription to Jio apps. 

Vodafone’s Rs.2,399 plan offers 1.5 GB data daily and is valid for an entire year. The half yearly plan costs Rs.1197 and offers 1.5 GB data with unlimited calling and 100 SMS/day.

The best deal offered by Vodafone is the Rs.249 prepaid plan which offers 1.5 GB data and an additional 5 GB data bonus and is only valid for 28 days. 

The 4 GB data daily deal costs Rs.299 and is valid for only 28 days with the benefits of unlimited calling, weekend data rollover and 100 SMS/day. 

BSNL is also offering amazing deals for its users which are valid for nearly a month. The Rs.187 deal offers 2 GB data and unlimited calling. Post data consumption reduces the speed to 80 kbps. The Rs.247 plan offers 3 GB high speed data with unlimited calling and 100 SMS/day. 

Grab these sweet prepaid plans offered by the best of network service providers to avail the unlimited data and calling benefits.

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