Recovering from a Divorce

Going through a divorce is an emotional and financial roller- coaster as it is but it is essential to recover from it however grave the divorce has been. Recovering is a must because it could lead to mental and physical health issues. Plus, life is worth living after all. 


Go through those days of mourning and feel your feelings. You cannot just get up and go out to face the world. Feel them, mourn, cry, shout it out, write out your feelings and tear it, or just burn it away. Give yourself time to grieve.

Remain silent

Working through your feelings requires silence. It requires you to move away from other people’s thoughts, feelings, words, actions and even body language. It is during this time that you need to remain silent.

Nature heals

The flowing water of a river, the waves of the sea, the chirping of birds, the sound of wind all have healing powers. Nature means being alive, nature signifies new life. Find the meaning and purpose for your new journey of life from here.

Embrace your new roles

Maybe you will be a single mom or a single dad or just not married anymore. Give your new roles your priority and do them well by being mindful instead of brooding about the past and what ifs.

Love yourself

Just because someone has broken away from your life, you need not feel castaway or like dirt. Pick yourself up, dust off the past experiences and move on. Life alone is possible too.

Simple as it sounds, moving through it and getting to be yourself again can take time. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up or just be there for you to vent out or remain silent with. Acceptance will help you move forward.

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