Reduce your sugar intake

Reduction of sugar intake is a must. Sugar especially artificial sugar works to increase calories and in turn increase the rate of health issues. Here are ways to reduce that.

Know if you are addicted to sugar

Sugar addiction is in the forming of craving for sugar-based foods like sweets and pastries. Also if you feel bloated after eating sugar or sleepy it means that you are addicted to sugar.

Read the labels

Sugar is often given in the form of energy or carbohydrates on the labels, if you see the first three ingredients as sugar or carbohydrates or energy, it means that the contents have sugar in excess.

Go for natural sugar

Natural sugars like fruits are the best. Add them to your foods like oatmeal and juices rather than artificial sugars. Remember that syrups like maple syrup have added sugar too. This will reduce your blood sugar too.

Avoid artificial sugar

Avoid cakes, ice-creams, pastries and sugar filled sweet treats. If these are eaten they increase the sugar intake in the body. These sugars are filled with chemicals too and added cream or lactose products adding more calories to your body.

Drink water

After exercise, instead of drinking aerated juices or drinks with added sugar go for water or fruit infused drinks or herbal teas. These are devoid of sugar and increase metabolism and relieve stress. Drinking water will help you flush out the toxins from the body.

With these steps, sugar must reduce in your body. Reduce sugar to maintain fitness and well being.

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