Russian borders are closed for China!

Coronavirus Impact

Kremlin, in the Far East, shares 4,209 km of border with China, its biggest trading partner. The long border has been temporarily shut down for passengers from China, though goods transit maintains a status quo.  The border shutdown has been brought in wake of the deadly CoronaVirus and its ill effects. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin says, the country is committed towards its citizens and shall do everything to protect them. 

Kremlin has also stopped issuing electronic visas to Chinese nationals. Electronic visas can be used by Chinese nationals to enter the Far East and Western Russia. Russian citizens have been advised to restrict their travel to China and avoid it completely if not really necessary or urgent. Soon, the Russian Government is to decide on flights to and from China. So far, no confirmed case of the deadly virus has been reported in Russia.  Nonetheless, given the large volume of people and goods travel and exchange between the two countries, the likelihood of spread is high. 

Though most of the confirmed cases of the CoronaVirus are found in China, the virus has also been found in France, Germany, Cambodia, South Korea, Singapore, the U.S., Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Japan. Recently, India and the Philippines have also confirmed the first positive CoronaVirus patient. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is to soon decide whether to declare a global health emergency over the CoronaVirus outbreak. It could be done soon before the virus becomes a pandemic like SARS! 

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