Secret To Becoming a Millionaire Hidden In This One Rupee Note


Humming to the tune of an old classic ‘Gareebo Ki Suno’ by composer Ravi Shankar and quoting “गरीबों की सुनो वह तुम्हारी सुनेगा,तुम एक पैसा दोगे, वह दस लाख देगा” we realise that these lines might be practically true with magic One Rupee Note.

Yes! You can exchange millions for just a one rupee note. No! We are not kidding and it has been made possible with the power of the internet and the uprising of e-commerce and a healthy reseller market along with all that.

Now, if you’re wondering what exactly we’re talking about then here it goes. If you have any denominations that are out of printing and are not in use as a current mint like old One Rupee Note then you can exchange them over the internet for a good amount of money.

Usually, mint enthusiast or collectors need to get their collection fulfilled with rare of rare coins and stuff. So, they would be sniffing for something like that.

Especially, a One Rupee Note is a very big deal as it was the only mint that was issued by the Government of India and not the Reserve Bank of India. This is why it holds a special place in the hearts of collectors.

If you have a good collection of 1 Rupee Note over at your place stocked somewhere in the cupboards of your grandparents. Then you should get it out right now and list it online. The interested people would look up your price and may pay it upfront or start a bidding war if it comes as a rarity.

Different coins have different values and you cannot club everyone in just one bucket. Although you can do that practically, we were speaking figuratively and in that case, you cannot. So, if you list it out and it gives you only a thousand bucks only then also it would turn out to be a good deal.

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