Series Review: Netflix’s ‘YOU’

SPOILER ALERT: Creepy, smart, funny even? Netflix’s you is a strangely gripping show which we definitely recommend and here is why.

The Protagonist Joe. You don’t want to like him, you shouldn’t like him. If you knew this kind of guy you’d be best served staying a million miles away. But the show somehow makes you like him, root for him even (well sometimes). Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg who is an average book shop manager or so it seems. Joe has a dark side and a broken moral compass which the show deliciously explores. He spends the series pursuing the object of his affection Guinevere Beck (played by the very pretty Elizabeth Lail) and will do anything to get her.  He casually invades her privacy all the while justifying his actions believing that they are in service of true love and that he can somehow man Beck’s life better. He will do anything for her and will not tolerate any obstacles in his path even willing to consider murder.

Part of what makes the show so enjoyable is that it is narrated expertly by Goldberg. He has a smooth and soothing voice which he uses to superb affect. The audience gets to be inside Joe’s head and how easy it is for him to undertake heinous actions most people would shudder to consider. At times you can’t even help laughing in situations and finding yourself surprised that you are. Without giving too much away here is an example. To find out more about Beck after he meets her, Joe breaks into her apartment and almost gets caught as she comes back early. He is so cool and collected in what should be the creepiest situation, one almost finds it funny.

Beck herself is a great character who is drawn to troubled souls due to her own mysterious past which slowly unfolds through the series. She is too good for him. All her friends know it but she doesn’t . Her story arc is also interesting as she aspires to become a writer in New York city and is constantly facing rejection. Lail expertly portrays the girl who everyone wants to be with. She is sweet, sexy and smart.

The show combines the chemistry of the two main character with fantastic storytelling. Both characters have secrets in their past and the viewer is constantly at the edge of their seat as the series twists and turns in unexpected places. The supporting cast is also colorful with Beck’s super rich friend Peaches who is instantaneously suspicious of Joe as well as Joe’s 14 year old neighbour who looks up to him.  Overall a slick presentation with a scrumptious voice over, this show will have you gripped from start to finish.

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