Share Photos via Messages on Apple Watch With This Method

Apple Watch

WatchOS 8 has multiple useful features that make you fall more and more in love with Apple’s software. One such ability this watchOS has is that you can share photos directly from your wrist.

Learn how to share photos and mail straight from your Apple Watch here.

Steps to Share Photos

Follow this step listed below to be able to make sure you don’t miss out and make full use of this fantastic new feature:

Make sure you sync your photos with your Apple Watch. If you don’t know how to sync your photos, here’s how you can do it:

1.Open the Watch app on your phone

2.Go to the ‘My Watch’ tab – Photos – Sync Album

3. Select the album you want to sync, and voila! All done.

Additionally, you can sync memories and featured photos too from the toggle available on your phone.

Share Photos This Way

There are several steps to be followed here, so pay close attention and do not miss out on even a single one.

  1. To start, click the Digital Crown, which will let you go to the home screen on your Apple Watch. 
  2. Go ahead and launch the Photos app.
  3. Select the photo you wish to share with your peers through the means of Mail or iMessage on the Apple Watch.
  4. After you do this, you will see a share button at the bottom right corner. Tap that. If you can’t see it, tap on the selected photo once.
  5. After finishing these steps, you can choose whether to share through Messages or the Mail app. Both the apps have a similar process, so it should not be a confusing process at all. You can even write a short little message to accompany the image you choose to send.
  6. Finally, scroll and hit ‘Send’ to complete the entire process.

Never again will you have to use your iPhone for such small matters. Your Apple Watch is all you need.

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