Shocking case in Jind, Haryana, an 11-year-old child stole Rs 20 lakh from a bank in just 20 seconds


In Jind (Haryana news), a child stole 20 lakh rupees from the bank in Theft in just 20 seconds. The case is of Punjab National Bank. The bank’s cashier (PNB bank) has filed an FIR in this case. The police have started searching for the child based on CCTV footage.

A surprising case has emerged in Jind, Haryana. Here only 10-11 year old child stole 20 lakh rupees from inside the bank. Even more surprising is that the child took just 20 seconds to commit the theft. After the theft from the bank, everyone was shocked when they saw the theft of CCTV footage. The police have registered a case and started searching for the child.

The case is of PNB Bank located in HUDA Ground in front of DRDA . Bank’s cashier Satyavan has given a written complaint to the Civil Line Police Station. The complaint states that on Monday afternoon, he had made five bundles of cash in the bank. After making the bundles he placed them on the table.

Went to work in another cabin Satyavan told that he had work with another partner, so he went to the other cabin after placing such bundles on the table. When he returned, he saw that five of the cash bundles on his table were missing. These bundles were worth twenty lakh rupees.

Surprised by the cashier, the found cashier began searching for cash under the table, around and on the shelves. All the employees of the bank were asked. They were shocked. The CCTV footage was checked in a hurry. Surprised when they checked the CCTV footage.

Five bundles of 2000 rupees were kept in the bag and Ran CCTV footage showed that a 10-11 year old child entered the cabin as soon as he left the cabin from the cashier and put five bundles of 2000 rupees on the table in a bag and from there in a hurry. Passed out The footage showed that the child stole the money within 20 seconds and went out.

The child gave cash to the youth in the footage outside the CCTV showing that a man wearing a mask outside the bank is waiting for the child. The child gives him that bag and both escape from there. Hariom, the civil line station in-charge, said that he had captured CCTV footage of the bank and was being investigated.

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