Super Flower Moon 2020: Everything you need to know about this lunar phenomenon.


The Super Flower Moon is the last phenomenon in the series of four supermoons to occur in 2020. This Full moon that occurs in May is called Flower Moon. However,
this moon is also called as the Supermoon and hence, the amalgamation of names
makes it the Super Flower Moon.

Why the Full Moon of May called Flower Moon?
As per the Farmer’s Almanac, the Full Moon of May is known as the Flower Moon
because in most parts of the world, flowers are abundant at this time of the year.
Other names of this moon include the Full Corn Planting Moon and also the Milk
The term Super Moon was coined in 1979 by popular Astrologer Richard Nolle. This
the term usually refers to either a new or full Moon which occurs within 90 percent of
the Perigee – when the moon is the closest to the Earth in its orbit.
According to NASA, the full moon arrives just 32 hours after the moon reached the perigee or the closest approach to Earth in its orbit. This is what makes it a
The supermoon will be seen today, as it corresponds with Buddha Purnima. The
Super Flower moon will be seen from 6.45 AM EDT (4.15 PM IST) onwards and
according to NASA, the full supermoon will appear from Thursday evening till
Friday Morning.
The next Supermoon will occur on 27 th April 2021 which would be followed by yet another Supermoon on the 26 th of May 2021. The fascinating thing about
Supermoons are that they are visible from the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

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