Tackle Migraine head-on

Migraine is categorized by throbbing headaches which are often accompanied by nausea and a disturbed vision. Though the signs can be recognized early, there are certain measures that you can take when you feel the headache coming on.

  1. Move away: As soon as you feel, a migraine headache coming on, move away from the present situation. Whether you are watching television or cooking or working, keep the work aside for the time- being and move aside to relax.
  1. Sit down: Sitting works wonders and adds some stability to the disturbances in vision and the nausea. It helps you to calm down even further, by sending reassuring signals to your brain that the body is in a safe space and is not under threat.
  2. Compress: Slowly moving your head and giving yourself a cold or a hot compress reduces the effect of the headache. Do this on your lower head and your neck with soft touches. It helps you calm down. You can also ask your partner or family member to help you with this. The reassuring touch of a loved one can go a long way in helping you feel better.
  1. Unwind and relax: The next step would be to do what you like while sitting down, like reading your favorite book or sketching or listening to music or just drinking water mindfully.
  1. Re-check the basics: Once you have calmed down, re-check your food. Has a certain food caused you this bout of headache? What about your medicines? Have you recently met your doctor? Has a particular medicine or combination of medicine and food caused this headache? Have you been exposed to loud sound and music in recent times? Re- check the basics of your lifestyle.
  2. Meditation: Use your mornings for meditation. You do not need to be a skilled yoga practitioner or attend any training workshops. Simple mindfulness will go a great way. You can practice a few breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.
  3. Music: The power of music to help the mind calm down and relax has been documented through the years and continues to be a strong influence on the human brain. Calm.com provides you with an extensive collection of music to fit every mood.

Migraine is not a mental condition and you can lead a normal life even if you have migraine. With the right treatment and care, you can easily tide over the headache and lead a stress-free life. You can also prevent the headaches by leading a healthy lifestyle comprising of regular exercise and a diet rich in Omega- fatty acids. Always remember to minimize the stress in your daily routine. Take a vacation to unwind and steer clear from the daily humdrum of life, even if its all by yourself.  Check out why you should travel alone when you’re young.

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