Tackling the stigma of mental health

With mental health and its stigma, getting treatment for those issues becomes difficult. For these people, controlling their health condition is not in their control. To add to that, they get blamed, called names and shouted at because of their problems. Thus finding an appropriate house, remaining in a long-term relationship and getting a job becomes tough. Here are some ways to tackle the stigma.

Show compassion:

When people about certain issues openly, they get accepted into the society. Therefore rather than passing rumors around, it is best to know the truth and talk about it. Then show compassion which is genuine concern and readiness to help the person.

Collect facts:

Once you know the truth about someone who is not in the best of mental health, find out the facts related. It may that the person is just suffering an emotional setback due to some situation.

Do not label:

Be conscious of your language. Name calling, labeling and gossiping is not the work of the wise while dealing with these people. They suffer from knowing that they are mental health patients as it is. Let the media know if they are creating stereotypes for such issues through letters and emails.

Deal with stress:

Help others deal with stress too. It does not cost much to lend a listening ear or just sit with the person who is sad. Deal with your own stress too.

Dealing with other issues:

Deal with financial issues, work issues or any other difficult situation. Ask for help in the right place and trust providence to help you. Use silence and exercise to get out of situations where people have hurt you.

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