Juhi Chawla files lawsuit against 5G technology’s implementation in India

Juhi Chawla

Bollywood’s veteran actress Juhi Chawla is known for her outspoken personality as she expresses her opinion on every issue. Along with this, she also keeps people aware of safety, cleanliness and the environment. 5G technology is going to be implemented in India soon. According to several studies, 5G technology may cause a negative impact on the environment as well as on the health of the people. Juhi Chawla had been trying to establish awareness among the people against the harmful radiation emanating from 5G mobile towers for a long time.…

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Is India Going to Launch 5G Soon? Find Out More About the Plans

5G Network

India is eagerly anticipating the launch of 5G. Still unaware about the benefits of having 5G? 5G improves network connectivity, has low latency, offers multi-Gbps speed and supports a great number of connected devices such as self-driving cars, gaming, remote surgeries, and other IoT devices. 5G is also more reliable than the current mobile networks. Several countries like theĀ US, South Korea, Europe, and China have already advanced in this race of 5G deployments. India has been relentless in its efforts to make everything 5G-capable, such as smartphones, televisions, cars, and…

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