Automotive companies pondering contract manufacturing to raise utilization ratio

Contract Manufacturing

Due to declining sales for over two consecutive years and predictions of recovery of the Auto-sector taking more than three years, the vehicle makers are now exploring options of contract manufacturing to utilize the idle capacities of the manufacturing units. In order to earn a profit, the Auto-makers need to utilize at least 70 percent of their total manufacturing capacity. Last financial year, before the outbreak of the pandemic, the auto-companies utilized less than 60 percent of their total available manufacturing capacity. To boost the utilization ratio, Auto-sector companies such…

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Unemployment in India gets worse; next in line to layoff employees happens to be Accenture

Unemployment rate in India

Several employees have suddenly fallen out of jobs due to the pandemic, and the situation seems to only be getting worse. Next in line to have laid employees off in Bengaluru happens to be Accenture. Many Accenture employees all over India will soon be shown the way to the exit gate, post the appraisal cycle, which is currently underway. Accenture has about two lakh of its global workforce (of around five lakh) in India itself. According to the Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) report on Tuesday, Accenture CEO Julie Sweet said,…

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Bengaluru is the “World’s most traffic-congested city”

World's Most Traffic Congested City

As per a survey conducted by TomTom in 2019, Bengaluru is the most traffic-congested city in the world. The 9th edition of the annual TomTom Traffic Index ranks four Indian cities amongst the top ten most congested cities in the world. The survey included 416 cities from 57 countries.  TomTom, a location intelligence company based out of Amsterdam uses satellite imagery, statistical analysis, and other advanced techniques to survey traffic congestions.  How much time do Bengalureans waste on the road?  According to the TomTom survey in 2019, a Bengalurean on…

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