A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of Wat A Burger Founder Rajat Jaiswal: Having Turnover of 34+ Crores

Rajat Jaiswal

Rajat Jaiswal, a pilot in one of the leading airlines, had a dream of doing something other than just his job, and so he started a business with his childhood friend, which turned on to become something that is now generating 34 crores of turnover. Yes! We’re talking about Wat-a-Burger, a brand that started with its initial store in Noida and has expanded its footprint in 19 cities with 60 operational stores. The story behind building Wat A Burger is an interesting one, and keep reading to know more about it.…

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McDonald’s Happy Meal is just a Whatsapp Away!


The good news we didn’t know we needed, McDonald’s is now just a text away. It has reduced all the distance between your cravings and it’s the delicious menu. Whether it’s its famous chicken McGrill, or to tame your burger craving when you don’t have enough money. McDonald’s is ready to deal with all the burger blues by bringing McD on Whatsapp. Now it gets easier to get your McDonalds craving fulfilled by just a text away. Yes, you read it right. Your McDonald’s is just a text away. So…

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