World’s Biggest Covid-19 vaccine study starts as the US begins trials that include 30,000 people.


While the pandemic has slowed down the pace of the world dramatically, the world now steps up to implement major retaliatory efforts. In order to beat the pandemic, scientists from all around the world are trying their best to come up with a vaccine that protects people from the virus.  The world’s biggest Covid-19 vaccine got underway on Monday as 30,000 planned volunteers stepped up to these trials to shots which are created by the US government. The US happens to be one of the many countries in the race…

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India China to meet on Ladakh stand-off tomorrow regarding the pullback expedition.

Indian Army

India and China have been locking horns at the borders for over a month now, and during times like these, this does not seem to be such a good thing to focus national attention towards. In order to expedite a pullback on the borders, India and China will discuss on Friday. This discussion will be around ways to build on the disengagement process – a process started this week after National Security Advisor Ajit Doval conversed with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.  Friday’s meeting will be of the Working Mechanism…

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The situation gets intense along the LAC with full army deployment


Things have been politically tense along the Indo-Chinese border as there have been reports of Chinese invasion into Indian borders. This issue garnered nationwide attention when Indian soldiers lost lives in the Galwan area. Along the 3488 km-long Line of Actual Control, both Indian and Chinese armies stand fully deployed on the Galwan Sector.  Since the Galwan Incident, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is continuing to send troops inside the Indian borders. The Indian army is also on standby as a part of the response in the Tibet region and…

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Corona virus: America begins withdrawing investment from China, decides to cancel billions of dollars of pension funds


The US has withdrawn its pension fund (US PENSION FUND) from China. This pension fund is said to be worth billions of dollars. This has been confirmed by President Donald Trump himself US has decided to withdraw billions of dollars of pension funds from China President Donald Trump has confirmed this with China invading Corona virus US-China relations going through bad phase amid Corona virus crisis So far, more than 80 thousand lives have been lost due to Corona virus in America. The way Washington attacked China with the Corona virus raised…

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India Cancels China Test Kits Order

Covid Test Kit

The Health Ministry of India canceled Chinese testing kits over performance issues. These were rapid anti-body tests and the ministry added that the government does not stand to lose any money since the due process was followed behind the procurement of the kits.  This statement from the ministry came after the country’s foremost health research body, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Monday asked Indian states to cease using Covid-19 rapid antibody test kits which were procured from two Chinese companies. The states were asked to return them…

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Missouri becomes the first US state to sue China over Covid-19

Missouri to sue China

The encounters with a pandemic are bound to elicit some reactions. There were very strong reactions people had against China ever since the pandemic broke out. However, Missouri, a State in the United States of America, sued the Chinese Government over the Covd-19 outbreak, by calling it “an appalling campaign of deceit.” The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in a federal court. The State Attorney, General Eric Schmitt claimed that the Chinese Officials are “responsible for the enormous death, suffering, and economic losses they inflicted on the world, including Missourians”,…

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