COVID-19 vs Flu Symptoms: How to Differentiate Between Them


With the sudden rise in the number of cases of the coronavirus, people are panicking and the whole nation is in chaos as the second wave led to numerous deaths. Many states have imposed complete lockdown in their region, still, the numbers are increasing in the nation. These days many people mistake flu symptoms for COVID-19 or vice versa and that is breaking the citizens mentally. If someone is experiencing mild throat pain or has a runny nose, they are probably assuming to be the symptoms of COVID-19 and immediately…

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Keep the sniffles away – 5 tips to avoid the common cold

Thanksgiving is done, and we’re all feeling the chill. Global warming is doing us no favors, and this holiday season may be the coldest of them all. With the holidays also comes bouts of common cold and flu. Here’s a bunch of tips to help you stay hale and hearty throughout the winter. Keep your hands clean The fastest way to catch a common cold is by touching objects being used by many and then touching your face. All public property like door handles, subway seats and poles, or the…

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