Several Bollywood celebs keep their view on farmers’ protest on social media, Sonu Sood posts cryptic tweet

Sonu Sood

It has been over five months since the farmers’ protest begun against the three farm bills. The protest, which was being held on the roads, now has made its way onto social media. The situation on social media has gradually evolved into a pressing issue after Hollywood celebrities and foreign forces started to intervene in the farmer’s movement. The Bollywood too seems to have mixed opinions about this never-ending protest. In such a scenario, the process of taking jabs at each other has also initiated. Recently, Sonu Sood tweeted indirectly…

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Farmer Leaders Announced ‘Chakka Jam’ on February 6

Farmers Protest

On Monday, the announcement of the Union’s Budget bill perturbed Farmers’ Unions and they demanded to repeal central farm laws immediately. This did not stick to repeal only, in fact, anxious farmers also announced nation-wide ‘Chakka Jam’ road blockade on state and national highways for three hours (12-3 PM) on February 6. Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar politely appealed to farmer leaders to think about the bill positively and try to understand it again as it has been formed for their benefits only. He also said that the new Budget…

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