10 Private Sector Banks That Are Still Providing Higher Interest Rate Up To 7% On 1 Year Fixed Deposits

Rs.2000 Note Demonitized

Most investors prefer fixed deposits (FDs) for short-term reasons because they are stable and returns are assured. But the interest rates on FDs have fallen sharply over the last year, as repo rates have been steadily lowered by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Banks have thus followed the same direction and continued to cut interest rates over fixed deposits. However, during the falling interest rate scenario, many as five financial institutions and two small finance banks are providing interest rates of 6 per cent or more on one year…

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SBI FD: Benefits And Latest Interest Rates Compared

SBI Savings Account

Some of the strongest investing avenues present on the market are SBI fixed deposits. The bank gives its investors the possibility of investing their deposits in as many as six forms of fixed deposit schemes. These schemes bear attractive interest rates with SBI FD, thus expanding substantial returns for the investors. SBI Fixed Deposits, combined with predictable returns, provide optimum stability. SBI FD is perfect for you if you’re just looking for these two things, i.e. full security of your investments, as well as good but assured returns. If you…

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