Google Tensor Chips Launched and You Can Literally Eat One Of Them

Google Tensor

With the upcoming Google Pixel 6, there’s much to change, including everything on the inside too. The biggest change that we get to see this time is the new Google Tensor Chips, which replaces the Qualcomm SOC used by Google previously in their devices. Now, what’s so special about the new chips and wait! There’s more than their importance; we got to talk about how Google is marketing their new chips as well (Shh… It’s both hilarious and genius at the same time). Coming back to the specifications of the…

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Jio-Google 4G Smartphone Price and Launch Timeline in India Revealed

Jio Google

Many tech enthusiasts were waiting to hear something new about the upcoming Jio-Google 4G smartphone from Reliance Jio and here is everything that will enlighten their mood. This has already been a sensation that the company has partnered with Google for the launching of its latest 4G smartphone. According to the reports, this upcoming Jio-Google 4G smartphone is all set to rule over the tech market as these devices are going to be one of the most affordable offerings in the markets. This technology is way different from the Jio…

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Google Meet App Coming Up With These Exciting New Features

Google Meet

Google Meet App has been one of the key players to rise in this pandemic as all we had in the name of meetings and get together is video conferencing. Now, in order to make the experience even better,  Google Meet App has decided to add new features to their array. Starting from an upcoming updated UI to whatnot, Google Meet has a lot of new features in its bag. Let’s uncover and check it all out. Let’s uncover New Features in Google Meet App Hand Raise There will be…

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Days of Free Cloud Storage on Google Storage Ending on June 1, Check Prices

Google Photos

The days of free cloud storage on Google Photos will get over soon from June 1 onwards, as the tech company has come up with its new plans and the users will be charged for its storage services. Until now, the tech giant was offering unlimited storage space to its customers for storing their memorable pictures and videos. And now customers are left with less than 20 days to save their precious memories on the cloud before getting charged. According to the new plans, the company is offering 15GB of…

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Google Meet Extended Free Calling Limit till June 2021


Google made an announcement that brings smiles to the faces of many. Google Meet’s platform which is known for hosting video calls and has been used for meetings, shows, and much more is continuing with its unlimited calls policy for free accounts till June 2021. Earlier it was decided that the feature will be restricted onto free accounts starting March 31st, 2021. But the company decided to make changes to its policies and make some amendments to the rules constructed earlier. As usual, the announcement was made on the Twitter…

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Google cites Rashmika Mandanna as ‘National Crush Of India’

Rashmika Mandanna

South Indian Cinema’s veteran actress Rashmika Mandanna is in the headlines these days. She has always won the hearts of the audience with her stunning performances in Kannada and Telugu films. Recently, Google has cited Rashmika Mandanna as India’s National Crush of the year 2020. Since then, the actress’s name has been trending heavily on social media.

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“Google Task Mate” app: An easy way to earn money by performing simple tasks on your smartphones

Google Task Mate

Google has come up with a new app in the market called “Google Task Mate” and now it is currently being tested in India and Kenya, which lets users to earn money by performing a number of simple tasks on their smartphones. Currently, the app is in the development stage but they have launched its beta version. The main purpose of this app is to bring new businesses in your local area, improve mapping services of localities, expand those businesses which are already registered with Google, and many more. It works…

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US government sues Google, alleges monopoly in Internet search


The Justice Department of the US Government has sued Google. The government has accused Google-owned company Alphabet of illegal use of its dominance in Internet search. The US government has accused Google of illegally protecting its effective position in the market of search and search ads through deals made with big companies like Apple and other smartphone manufacturers. Apple and other smartphone maker companies keep Google as the default search engine in their phone etc. devices. According to the Department of Justice, Google has remained a prominent name in the…

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Paytm will now give competition to Google after controversy, brought its mini app store

Paytm Mini App

Paytm has launched Mini App Store for Android users and app developers. Mini apps are customized mobile web. They get an app-like experience without downloading. Paytm can also give a tough competition to Google from its Mini App Store. A few days ago Google removed Paytm from the Play Store. In such a situation, bringing its own mini app store by Paytm can increase the concern of Google. With the introduction of Paytm’s Mini App Store, users have got an option in addition to Google Play Store. Paytm’s Android Mini…

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Paytm app removed from Google Play Store


Google has also published a blog post highlighting the Play Store’s gambling policies which is said to be the reason behind the removal. Paytm has been removed from the Google Play Store. The app is no longer available to download for Android users. Google’s move to pull the app from the Play Store is said to be linked with Paytm’s fantasy games offerings. Interestingly Google India published a blog post today highlighting the Play Store’s policies on gambling. The blog post doesn’t mention Paytm but it points out the app…

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